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Transaction analytics tools
for banks and lenders.

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We make transaction data easy to use.

So you can focus on building value.

Transaction data is rich of risk-critical information but extracting this information is hard. In fact, data preparation can be the most time-consuming part of building any transaction-based decision rules or scoring models. To help analytics teams move faster, our solutions take care of the messy part - categorisation and feature engineering. 

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In the middle of it all.

Our solution is typically used by banks and lenders that wish to use their existing transaction data in lending decisions.


We see the future.

And the old credit bureaus are no longer part of it.

The traditional lending model relied a lot on credit bureau data. Today, every bank and lender can become their own credit bureau, by leveraging the power of transaction data. We've worked with the most innovative banks and lenders across Europe and we can clearly say that access to reliable account transaction data is at the heart of this revolution.

Credit scoring is not
what it used to be

We're disrupting an area dominated previously by credit bureaus. We presented our vision at Google Demo Day in London (2017).


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